Viable Cell Density Management


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Viable Cell Density Management For SS Bioreactor/ Fermentor

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Widely adopted by the world’s leading biotech companies in both R&D and cGMP, ABER’s products are small and light but deliver powerful capabilities and great application flexibility.


ABER Instruments has a wide range of probes to suit all applications. They are available in 12mm diameter ideal for small bioreactors and 25mm diameter for larger vessels. All probes are Electro-polished and passivated. Options for USP class VI and FDA CFR21 177 certificates.

By default a probe is shipped with a simple standard certificate of traceability. If you wish to have a full breakdown of all the materials used in the production of a probe then please order the ‘Probe Certificate of Conformance’ package for each probe. Contact ABER if you wish to see an example of the documentation you will receive.

The FUTURA system’s three primary hardware components are: The Probe, the FUTURA Instrument (Head Amplifier) and the Transmitter or Connect hub.

Please contact us for a demonstration or enquiry.

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